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Georges, Championing Change


When Total’s Georges became involved in building SATORP’s Jubail refinery from scratch, he knew the company would be leading change not only in Saudi Arabia, but for the oil industry itself. “SATORP has built one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated and complex refineries. We have been successful by championing change and innovation across the board,” explains Georges.

A New Approach

“When Total and Saudi Aramco started the SATORP joint venture, both sides brought a lot of expertise,” says Georges. “Total has been particularly instrumental in sharing the best practices and cutting-edge technology with the people of Saudi Arabia, and more than that, showing other foreign investors that they too can be successful in the Kingdom."

A First for Jubail

SATORP has been setting precedents in Jubail from the outset. As part of the recruitment drive, “we promoted Saudi women in the workplace,” says Georges. “We are the first company in Jubail to do this. Women have been recruited in a range of positions from laboratory technicians to chemical engineers,” marking a huge milestone for women in the area.

A Different Mindset

“At SATORP we are continuously striving to improve,” notes Georges. “It is a mindset we have actively promoted amongst our teams. There is no doubt we are contributing to the skills, experience and expertise of people in the area.”

"We are very proud of what we have achieved and now we need to look to the future to continuously improve."



2008 to present

Refinery Manufacturing Manager, Total and Vice President for Manufacturing at SATORP, a joint venture between Total and Saudi Aramco.



Refineries Coordinator, Northern Europe, Total.