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15/06/2015 Press release

Saudi Total launches safe driving and traffic safety campaign

June 2015 - Saudi Total launched “Road Safety” campaign aiming at raising awareness of safe driving and road safety for all members of society, especially the new generation of children.

Noting that Saudi Total campaign for road safety awareness in schools in Saudi Arabia is an ambitious program, underlines the keen desire of Saudi Total in instilling awareness of traffic safety for children as they are pillars of the future, and also to enhance their knowledge of traffic signs and signals, as well as to provide them with basics and principles of proper driving, and also aims at urging children to respect the right of other road users, and abide by traffic regulations and traffic policemen instructions.

Commenting on the campaign, Nizar Raydan, Managing Director of Saudi Total, said: “Total awareness program targets school children kingdom wide. This program falls within the general framework of our social activities, and assuring our complete commitment towards the society in which we operate. Through this program, we seek to create a generation fully aware of proper car driving and adhere to traffic rules and road safety.”

Raydan added: “More than 3000 students in Jeddah schools participated in this campaign, and many of them underwent theoretical lessons about the meanings of traffic signals and signs. Teachers and students were remarkably responsive and greatly admired the program.”

Saudi Total's campaign is run by a team of the company's safety specialists, where they present theoretical lessons about various traffic signals and signs in model streets and roads similar to real ones, and they, as well, demonstrate various types of traffic violations and ways to avoid them.