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Empowering young nationals through educational programs

Core programs have been developed by SATORP, the joint-venture between Saudi Aramco and Total, to empower the young Saudi generation. These include scholarships, a very good way for youth to understand SATORP's various professions, and apprenticeship programs to acquire in depth knowledge through tuition and improve skill levels through technical training.

A Highly Regarded Apprenticeship Scheme

SATORP runs an apprenticeship program offering technical training to around 150 Saudi high school graduates. Participants receive tuition in English, mathematics and physics for two years, followed by practical training for another year before commencing their practical training program. The fully trained apprentices will fill positions at the SATORP refinery.

Renowned International Scholarships

SATORP supports the education of Saudi undergraduates and graduates, with programs leading up to a Master’s Degree in Engineering at the esteemed French Petroleum and New Energies Institute (IFPEN).

The College Preparatory Program (CPP), another SATORP initiative, invites gifted Saudi students to complete engineering and finance degrees at leading British, American and Saudi universities. The aim is to accept all successful graduates of SATORP’s education and training programs at the Jubail refinery.

In November 2013, SATORP launched the first session of Vocational College Graduate (VCG) with a recruitment of 25 Nationals that received part-time training for 9 months with IFPtraining. The second session took place in March 2014 and the third one started in July 2015.

Operation Trainings

Before the startup of SATORP Refinery, initial trainings for the different units and different jobs were implemented. As the refinery is now fully operational, an Operation training center has been created. Since its creation in November 2014, the training center has trained over 200 operators for all units and job positions (shift supervisor, boardman, lead operator and field operator).

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