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SATORP: More Jobs and Localization

A world-scale full-conversion refining and petrochemicals complex with a processing capacity of 400,000 barrels per day of heavy crude oil, the SATORP refinery is Total’s largest refinery and also one of our most efficient in terms of crude oil conversion.

An Essential Supplier

The SATORP facilities are supplied with crude oil via pipeline from two large offshore oil fields, Manifa and Safaniya, with combined reserves of 30 billion barrels.
Now that the complex is fully commissioned, it will supply both growth markets and importing regions, with diesel and kerosene to the Middle East, Asia and Europe and gasoline mostly to the domestic market and Asia.

Strategic Location

In addition to its ideal location in Jubail Industrial City, the SATORP complex enjoys several other advantages, including access to a dedicated crude oil supply and to affordable energy feedstock for its utilities.

Jobs and Saudization

The SATORP refining and petrochemicals complex will provide 1,200 permanent jobs and five times as many indirect jobs. SATORP is aiming for Saudi nationals to represent 80% of the refinery’s workforce within a few years of start-up.

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