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Total in KSA, committed to raising road safety awareness

It is a natural human instinct to protect human life, which is why safety is Total's daily concern; in the workplace, on the road and in the home. In Saudi Arabia, we support the Kingdom's major efforts in such areas - particularly on road safety, where we are involved in numerous initiatives with local Institutions.

Awareness of Children and Parents

Because the future is in our children's hands, we need to help them learn road safety principles in order to create a safe environment. The objective of a major safety campaign is to reinforce safety education and promote safer behavior from everyone through knowledge acquired by children. This safety campaign is organized by Total and the Ministry of Education, and is aimed at children across the schools of Saudi Arabia. It is designed to increase awareness and encourage children and their parents to respect traffic laws around the country.

Ambitions for the Years to Come

In 2013, Total in Saudi Arabia, along with the Kingdom's Ministry of Education, conducted the road safety program for 1,600 students from 8 schools in Jeddah. The target for 2014-2015 is to spread the road safety message to 3,000 students across the Kingdom. Total is continuously investing in the development of Saudi society, and road safety is a key focus area for us. With the campaigns, children are made aware of the dangers on the road and taught how to react when facing them; how to look out for each other on the roads through peer advice and offer a helping hand to the younger ones.

Our local Projects